How to get started learning about real estate syndications

Let's imagine you have a loved one who is very smart, a savvy investor, and curious--and who expresses an interest when you first mention you've been investing in private real estate deals. Of course you could just bore her with all of your many insights about what you've learned as you've invested. But imagine she wants to learn from others. Where might you point her?

For the book-lover: One idea is to start with a very good book by the founders of Goodegg Investments, Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam. The book is called Investing for Good: The Surprising Strategy for Building Wealth While Making an Impact. You can buy it on Amazon or your local independent bookseller; you can also get a copy just for the asking right from the authors (just pay shipping and handling). We have really liked their double-bottom line approach; have learned a lot from their book, blog, and podcasts; and have invested in their deals and funds.

For the podcast listener: It seems like there is a new podcast every day focused on real estate investing--even about real estate syndications. If you want to stick with the Goodegg content, Annie and Julie share the "Life and Money Show" podcast as well as the "Real Estate Syndication Podcast." We also listen most daily to Whitney Sewell's "The Real Estate Syndication Show," which builds from the work of the Life Bridge Capital syndicator--another double-bottom-line investor whose content we enjoy. Others swear by Joe Fairless's podcast (it has a humble name: "the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Show Ever"). There are many many more we could offer but these are two places to start.

For the blog and website reader: There are not as many blogs as podcasts in the syndication space. (That's one reason we are blogging actively here at Syndirater--we think there's room for more content on this topic.) The obvious web site to start with is Bigger Pockets. From the many forums to the bookstore, Bigger Pockets has it all when it comes to real estate investing. Their focus is much broader than just private real estate syndications, however, so you have to do a bit more hunting to find what you want on this topic. Here's a list of a few other blogs that one writer liked on the topic of syndications. We found some good content for the burgeoning private real estate investor on some of the 7 blogs they listed there.

Have other ideas? Let us know.

We do hope you might refer your loved one here to Syndirater, too!