Why does Syndirater exist?

We started this site for you, the investor, who wants more transparency in the marketplace for private syndication investments. When you go to choose a mutual fund, ETF, stock, bond, or just about any kind of investment, you can typically get a bunch of data about it before you make your decision.

Think about a possible investment in a big technology company that is publicly traded. You can usually see the returns it has generated in the past. You can see how other people think it will perform. You can find out whether people who run the company hold shares in it and whether they have sold or bought shares in the company recently.

When you go to make an investment in a private syndication, you have much less data on which to base your decision. There's no Morningstar to give you a rating on the mutual fund, big bank analyst to give you a buy / hold / sell rating, or Bloomberg terminal to watch the signals all day long.

When you think about it, what do you REALLY know about the syndicator who is asking you to send along $50,000 or $100,000 via wire transfer to invest in a property you have never set eyes on that is 1,500 miles from where you live? Does it really seem like a good idea to extend so much trust to someone you might even have never met in person before?

Syndirater is a site established to bring much-needed transparency to the private syndication business. The site is run by people who are investors in syndications ourselves, not people offering syndications. We are "limited partners" just like you, and we want better information about syndicators and their potential deals before we make investments.

We want to be able to have better information before we make investments in private syndications--so we started on our own to create a proprietary database. We realized that the database could help us in making our own syndication investments--but it also could help YOU. And if you were to contribute to the database as well, we in turn could help the next person. And so on. Hence, this site.

Syndirater is a way to bring useful information to you before you make a decision to invest in a private syndication.

We encourage you to do a few things:

  • Sign up for our mailing list so you get the latest posts delivered to your inbox.
  • Let us know about syndicators you think should be added to our directory lists. Please only send along syndicators with whom you have had a positive relationship. This information will help us to continue growing our proprietary database.
  • Help us spread the word with other limited partners or potential investors. We intend to make this site a community for like-minded investors who want to share information in a variety of ways (for instance, a future private forum where we comment on and rate syndicators) over time.
  • Give us feedback on the site and let us know what would help you in your investing journey.

Join us in bringing greater daylight to the field of private syndication! It can only help to improve the way syndicators operate, professionalize the field, increase healthy competition, improve communications, and--ideally--contribute to higher returns for everyone over time.