Launching our first eCourse

At Syndirater, we've had a number of people ask "how can I get started in syndication investing?" We've enjoyed having first conversations with prospective limited partners and offering our ideas about how to get started.

And that got us thinking... what kinds of offerings would be helpful for us to put together to offer this kind of basics at greater scale? One possibility is to offer 1:1 coaching, which we might do at some point. But that's not something that scales well. We asked ourselves: what if we compiled what we've been sharing in a one-off style with people into an eCourse?

The challenge we set for ourselves was to style this material into an easy-to-use course that would take no more than about an hour (or an hour and a half, max) to go through. One that could be done in parts if you needed to chop up the time and come back to it later. And one that would pack in enough information to get a new investor ready to start exploring the fascinating world of real estate syndications.

So watch this space in the coming days. If you've been reading this blog or subscribed to our email list, we're happy to get you a discount code for the eCourse. Drop a line to It's our first offering so we really want to get people using and rating it so we can get the word out. We expect to roll out additional eCourses at a higher level over time if it turns out there is interest in learning through this format.

As limited partners and investors just like you, we have no conflict of interest--we're not trying to sell you any particular investment. The other few basic eCourses we found online were either helping people become syndicators yourself (which is fine but is a different premise... and might be down the road for some people) or have been offered by one or more syndication companies. As always, you can turn to for trusted information by limited partners, for limited partners.

If you'd like to learn more about the eCourse, just watch this space or let us know--we're happy to make it very affordable for our loyal readership!

Happy syndication investing, all.