Viking Capital

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"Viking Capital Investments, LLC (Viking Capital) was forged in 2015 and has become a premiere multifamily boutique with nimble investment sourcing, structuring, execution and asset management capabilities. Viking Capital is a highly skilled and deeply focused real estate investment firm with the flexibility to scale and cater to investor preferences. We invest in emerging markets across the United States."

— Forbes

Founded: 2015

CEO: Vikram Raya

Minimum investment $50,000
Accredited Investors Only? No Data
Co-invested No Data

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Our thoughts

Viking Capital is a well-known real estate fund specializing in A/B multi-family residential units. We're fans of the significant data points they provide to prospective investors online. Viking has been featured in many large publications, and we expect them to become a bigger player in the multi-family syndication space in the coming years.